Thursday, September 27, 2012

Melted Crayon Leaves and Apples

Yet another idea I saw somewhere on Pinterest and have been wanting to try.  What I saw was kids coloring on  a candle warmer, but I thought my griddle turned down real low would be even better!  So we set out to make some apples (to follow our apple picking adventure).  I started by having Bria pick out red, orange, yellow, and green crayons.  Then I also had her remove the papers (she has always been good at this).

The lowest setting my griddle has is 150 degrees, so I turned it to that for a few seconds and then turned it off.  It really doesn't have to be too hot to melt crayons.  I places a sheet of waxed paper on the griddle and let the girls draw.

I think they ended up going through 6 or 7 sheets before they lost interest in the griddle.

Then I started cutting apple shapes out of the crayon covered waxed paper. The girls also wanted leaves, so we added some of them.  They tried, but had a hard time getting shapes they liked.

We ended up with a good variety, and the girls decided they should go in their bedroom windows.  Theya re all set for fall!

A quick clean up tip! Clean your griddle while it is still warm, and the crayons are still melty.  I just used a paper towel to collect any wax I could see on the griddle, followed by a wet cloth.  Then clean however you normally would.