Sunday, September 2, 2012

All good things......

We have had ups and downs, a few side to sides and even a weird curly wurly roundabout upside down wossname, but summer has come to an end.  Mums and Dads have bought pencil cases, highlighters, one of those maths sets with a ruler and triangular drawing round thingies and new folders (no one knows why as we have the ones from last year, but Staples are very happy) and we are all sporting a new but dodgy uniform blazer for our impending return to school.

Hall Places first summer camp has come to end and it has been a great success, but it would not have been without everyone who visited us.  We would like to thank everyone (including the parent taxi service) who came rain or shine for the six weeks of summer, we have have lots of fun hopefully made a few new friends and taken away some new skills, experiences and memories.

They say all good things come to an end, not so for at Hall Place we are just getting started.  We are ready, willing and able to provide a fantastic experience for the October Half Term, book now to avoid disappointment (Brian the Raccoon can hardly contain himself).  Our new activities licence and fleet of new and shiny kayaks has opened up the Thames for adventures and a chance to dunk Suzie, (although be careful this is her natural environment).

Our Adventure Club will be commencing in the new school year, please watch blog, Facebook and Twitter for news but we can promise the chance to really hone skills learnt during the summer with the prospect of gaining recognition for everything you learn and most of all have FUN!

Please find below a montage of photos from our last week.

Steady, steady...... shoot

'Well, I still say the rain will get in'.

'Really, more photos?'

Just a little bit further.

Boys, it does leak when it rains.

Serious work.

Back to basics.

Ah ha!  The curly wurly, roundabout, upside down wossname!

Of course it tastes good, try it?

Team Work.
 And the last word from Brian.
I'm a rubber raccoon, GET ME OUT OF HERE!!! 
   See you all in October, sign up and follow us to learn of the new and exciting things coming soon.