Monday, September 17, 2012

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People (Late) Summer Fair

Hearing Dogs for Deaf People, celebrating 30 years of excellence had a very successful late summer show on Sunday 16th September.  Hundreds of people turned up to see the wonderful activities, stalls, dog shows and events lined up by Hearing Dogs including local bands Strings Attached.  The Show was opened by Richard Jones of the Sterophonics, who was headlined by the dogs and puppies of Hearing Dogs who really stole the show.  Staff and volunteers worked very hard during and building up to the day.  Please see the Hearing Dogs for Deaf Peoples website for more information on what they do or how you can help.

Hall Place had an opportunity to attend with our climbing wall which proved a popular attraction, with a never ceasing queue of budding climbers, patient parents and not a few dogs.  Everyone enjoyed themselves and the weather held off all day.

Climbing with classic cars in background.

Why you little, Homer Simpson strikes at Hearing Dogs Summer Show.

Climbing Wall inspector, watches action (bottom left).

Rise Sir Belay a Lot!

Happiness is a star jump

PINK, the colour of climbers everywhere.