Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Lunchtime Fun, Ice Cream and Burgers

Our adventure on the lawn was a great success, made possible by Suzie, Kae and Phoebe from the Outdoor Education Centre, Sarah Hollingworth who really makes things happen, the catering team, housekeeping and most of all the students who joined us.

Welcome to a new and exciting year at BCA, it promises great things, lots of fun and achievements for all.

The activities today were just a taste of what we can offer, not only supporting the curriculum, but offering new activities and skills or working on some old ones.  Climbing and archery are just the tip of the iceberg, kayaking, bushcraft, skills courses and qualifications lurk beneath the surface.

We have had the bouldering wall open this week, after boot camp next week we will have inductions for regular users, please watch Moodle, this blog and sign up to Facebook and Twitter for more details.

Thank you again for joining us today.

Blue Skies and ........

Spiderman poised for action


Can I hear an ice cream van?

Hero shot, marvellous chefs emerge from smoky sausage fuelled heroing.  

Shhhh.... I think I see the principal.
North Face of the Giant Lawn Ornament 

Glamorous ladies cheers on friends 
Seriously GO AWAY with the camera!