Saturday, September 29, 2012

Welcome SkippyJon Jones

It is official, the new little kitty will be called SkippyJon Jones (Skippy for short although Bria says she will call him Friskito) after the imaginative kitty boy in Judith Byron Schachner's book series.

Our little guy doesn't have a big boy bed to bounce on, and he doesn't hang out with chihuahua's, but he is definitely busy!  He loves being around people and is very tolerate of the shortest people in the house.  They all love him too.  The other cats are not big fans right now, but I am hoping they will come around in time.

Eli love giving his kitty hugs.

He has been loving the pipe cleaners the girls have been playing with this week.

This did not last long!

You can find him in any box just like any good cat.

He really likes sitting and sleeping in the doll stroller.

I am sure you will be seeing a lot more pictures of the little guy in the future!