Saturday, September 22, 2012

Time for a change?

First trip out with our new changing bag today. Off to the zoo. With our 4th changing bag. This is too many changing bags for one baby, even if he does have a lot of kit! With our increased use of our baby carrier the shoulder bag option was giving me arm ache. That and it kept sliding down my arm, which I found infuriating. But it was pretty. It was oil cloth. It was even a dad friendly print. But with one giant compartment and all our cloth nappy caboodle it was a nightmare.

I persevered - it was too pretty to give up without a fight. But the problem was it was me V. bag on a daily basis. And I was not the victor. There were even arguments about who packed the bag and thus deliberately hid the wipes, or the water. It wasn't our finest moment.

So we have gone for practical. The bag is smart in navy blue and wouldn't offend even the most discerning customer. And navy goes with anything, right? It has clearly been designed with busy parents in mind. The Baby Bjorn Active does what it says on the tin. It has one big compartment that fits in all our fluff, with a pocket for our fleece wipes, plus room for clothes etc.

There's also a large front pocket with enough space for snack pots, water, toys and whatever else you choose to carry about. With 5 compartments and a big pocket I could actually find the tiny bottle of handwash that was forever finding its way to the bottom of our old bag.

There are two insulated pockets that I have commandeered for my own use (wine?!)- little one will have to make do with room temperature water, poor thing. But if you are somewhere hot and need nice cool water, or need some warm milk for a chilly day, it will be very handy.


The shoulder straps are comfy and padded, with the weight nicely distributed. I found it was a good balance to the baby carrier on the front and I could get both sets of straps over my shoulders. The double zip made it easy to fish out what I needed without tipping stuff everywhere. An express change on the grass in the car park was easy peasy. Well as easy as changes in the car park can be. So it is perfect really. I just wish it was pretty too...