Sunday, September 2, 2012


This week can pretty much be summed up in one word.....sickies. Maybe not a real word, but that is what we all were this week.  Really Eli hasn't been back to himself since getting back from Indiana, and Nadia had the same little cold a week or so ago. This week started with Bria telling us she needed medicine because her sound wasn't normal. This progressed to Nathan, and me, and Nadia.  Eli must have had a sore throat too as he was quit cranky and now has a runny nose.  Pretty much everyone was tired and cranky this week so not too much was done.  We played on the iPad.  We did one small but very messy experiment (Liquid Layers). And we read; the girls and I made it over halfway through Charlie and the Chocolate Factory.  They really seems to enjoy it, even asking to read it as their bedtime story, so hopefully we will finish it before storytime starts up this coming Wednesday.  The good news is that everyone seems to be feeling a bit better, so hopefully next week will be a bit better.  Here are a few pictures anyhow!

These pictures are from the week before, but I found it amusing that the girls were matching up the "mommy" and "baby" dinosaurs.

Bria put Eli in a nest of stuffed animals.
My attempt to entertain them one evening while I made dinner that no one even wanted to eat.  Ended up with a ton of oatmeal and sand on the kitchen floor.  Maybe we will try again....outside.

Eli being a goof because he was excited to get a whole pear! 

Saturday I learned my computer is trying to die; it is repeatedly turning itself on and off.  Hopefully I can figure some way to post until I get a new one!