Monday, September 17, 2012

Returning to work - expressing in the back room!

So here I am. First day back at work at sitting in a chilly first aid room in some distant part of the building. Trying to conjure up lovely thoughts of bubba feeding. Trying not to think of what this cold bright sterile room is usually used for. Not the most comfy or relaxing place to be expressing milk. But here I am. I just hope the baby will appreciate it!

My work place have been fine about it all, as they should, being proper employers and all. But they have no breastfeeding or expressing policy. With at least 50 % female staff you'd think it'd be useful.

It was left to me to Google my rights. The NHS came maternity action advice were both very useful. There are rights that protect your health and safety, the same as pregnant women. And that you are entitled to breastfeeding or expressing breaks, though unlike the rest of the EU there's no automatic right for these to be paid.

However the best information was clear in stating that its my right to decide how long I want to continue breastfeeding for. It didn't stop my boss from asking though. He made an assumption that it'd be to a year.

I thought I was going to be indignant. Or calmly explain the benefits of extended feeding. But it turns out that on my first day back I was a wuss. But as I intend to be fairly discreet and try to pump at lunchtime I hope I can carry on for as long as I choose...