Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Balloon Derby

We made it to the balloon derby this year! We have been going pretty much every other year for the past 7 years. Once by ourselves and then we added a kid every time.  This year we got there as the balloons were coming over to drop their ball on the target. Eli was so excited when he spotted them in the sky; he would just point and repeat, "bal, bal."  As we watched the balloons fly over head and go down in the distance Bria was concerned that they would get a hole poked in them.

Bria and Nadia's favorite balloon.

Dropping the ball on the target.

 Bria had my other camera and was taking pictures of her feet and the balloons.

Here are some of Bria's pictures. Nadia had Grandma's camera at one point, but I don't have any of those pictures.

 Eli was a big fan of the strawberry banana Italian ice.

After the balloons landed they loaded up in trucks and trailers and came back to set up for the night lite.  Once they got set up everyone was allowed to walk around them and talk to the pilots and crew.

Bria was amazed by how loud they were.  She used to be terrified  of them.

Once we were allowed to get closer, the girls realized the balloons were quite hot as well as loud and wanted to keep their distance.

Hopefully we will get a chance to play with our lanterns this next weekend now that our burn ban seems to have been lifted.  It will be like tiny hot air balloons!