Sunday, September 16, 2012

A Bit Random This Week

Well my house is still trying to recover from the dead computer.  Maybe it wouldn't be if I had actually spent some time organizing things instead of deciding to hang pictures on the now bare areas on the walls.  This included reorganizing Eli's diaper changing area. The rest will get done this week! At least that will be my plan. 

Eli loves the light.  Now that the computer is under the desk he will crawl under to get it!

The kids and I did get to have some fun. We made an ocean in the water table, made some ducklings, and tried a new chocolate chip cookie recipe.  I found out Friday that Bria likes her cookies gooey like me when I saw she had dug out all the gooey ones and eaten them.

 I also picked up a couple blank calenders, so the girls could fill those out each month.  It took us a while to get September done, but we did.

We also played with pipe cleaners a bit.  I have seen so many pictures of kids nicely sticking the pipe cleaners in a colander; which Bria and Nadia were happy to do.  They made it into a monster according to them.  Eli, however, just wanted to throw the pipe cleaners, but he did have fun doing it!

We hadn't quite finished our current read aloud, "The Mouse and the Motorcycle," so we just kept our library books another week. Our friend, Abby, loaned us the second and third Mouse books, so we are a set for a little awhile. We did make it to story time where the girls helped wad up newspaper to stuff a scarecrow.  Then we headed out to find supplies to make invitations to Nadia's mermaid birthday party!  Luckily, with a little help, I was able to finish those up yesterday evening.

One of our mermaids.  We had a few different versions in the same blue, green, and purple color scheme.

Saturday all the kids got to ride a motorcycle around a field with Grandpa.

All of them sitting on it that morning.

The girls got to stay the night with Grandma, and I think one of our cats, Creature, was missing them.  He brought me one of their purses and one of their little baby dolls!

And these are from last weekend, but they are so cute. This is Eli's new game, I put a piece of scotch tape on him and tell him where I put it, "The tape is on Eli's nose," and he rips it off and giggles.

I hope everyone has a good week this next week!