Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Renaissance Festival 2012

This past weekend we got the chance to go to the Renaissance Festival! We hadn't gone for a couple years, so the girls didn't really remember much of it.   This year my mom, little sister, and 3 of my nieces were able to go too.  We started off in thechikdren's realm where the girls all made magic wands and wishing bags.

They each had their wand "tested" by a wizard and once magic was found in it they were declared Lady _______ of the order of the (color) (animal). Bria chose blue cat and Nadia chose yellow giraffe.

Eli was pretty sleepy, but he did enjoy watching everything that was going on; at least until he took a nap.

All the girls got to ride a pony or a llama (in Bria and O's case).

 They had a zebra/ donkey cross there, but he wasn't hooked up to ride at the time.

We also found a mermaid! She gave each of the girls a shell.

We found the petting zoo too!

Then Nathan signed up to play Legend Quest which was some sort of live action game. When he signed up I was unaware that it would include the entire group.  As we wandered through the rest of the festival we were all on the look out for villagers wearing yellow ribbons. Every time we found one Nathan was supposed to gather a clue from them.  However, he first had to do something to earn the clue; these ranged from singing to acting silly, having Bria dig a hole to getting Bella and Cam to quack like ducks.  In the end we didn't find enough to win, but I think we were all pretty entertained by it.

The Romance Bandit.  I had to take part in this one. 

Lord Moustache had a clue for us.

The post hole digger wanted Bria to be her apprentice.

Bria digging a hole.

Not sure who he was supposed to be (a jester maybe).

And for fun a video of Nathan singing for a clue.

Along the way the girls got some hip scarves (except Nadia who wanted a necklace), got their faces painted (except Bria who still won't let anyone paint her face), petted a snake and watched a juggler.  O especially enjoyed her hip scarf.

Everyone else left after the juggler.

We finished the day with a joust. Bria was curious about the joust, Nadia was scared of it, and Eli was excited to see the horses especially when we went up to pet them afterward. Ironically the one we go to pet was also named Eli!

Trumpets announcing the joust.

Marshal of the joust.

Sir Daniel (who we were told to cheer for) also the "good: guy and the winner of the joust.


On to sword fighting on horseback.

And on ground.

Eli and Eli!

We stopped to get Eli a little wooden sword on the way out, and the girls decided they wanted to ride this swinging dragon ride.  I was surprised they were willing to do it without me, but they did.  Bria got a bit nervous though while Nadia and another little girl on the ride wanted to go higher. The other little girl's dad paid for Nadia to ride again with his daughter, so they could go higher.

 Eli did enjoy his sword, but he mainly wanted to chew on it.  

A few other pictures form the Festival:


I really liked this sign.  Too bad I think i would have had some pies.

I don't even know; please let me know if you know what this dog is supposed to be!

The Queen of the festival.

Gypsy on stilts.
 Sliding down a pirate ship.

We found a tardis! They had a Dr. Who wedding there the day before.
 Dancing around the maypole before closing.

The girls also got these cute little pipe cleaner flower rings which we are going to try to make this week!

And that was basically our day at the Renaissance Festival.  I think everyone had a pretty good time. Maybe I will get some costumes made before we go back.