Sunday, September 2, 2012

Ikea Antilop v. Cosatto Noodle: review

Ikea's Antilop is probably the cheapest highchair out there. It is immensely practical, legs can be removed for storage, and its simple design is appealing to those with an eye for the aesthetic as well as the budget.

Design and price. Making a decision on these grounds would have served me well. Better than the wasted hours perusing various conflicting Which¿/mumsnet reviews. And might have avoided pointless indecision and the classic first time mum's excessive analysis of baby products.

I decided (at 3am, after a long night feeding session) on a prettier, more easy to clean option... But it was more expensive. Seven times more expensive at that.

The Cosatto Noodle is all-singing, all-dancing, with a variety of height & recline settings, removable covers and a well-designed food tray (excellent for baby led weaning). But, perhaps if i had made the decision without the haze of sleep deprivation, a trip to ikea would have been just the ticket.