Tuesday, September 18, 2012

An organic approach to baby's bathtime

One thing that's amazing about babies is their lovely smell, soft and warm. It means that you can't stop kissing them. On their tiny feet. The tip of their nose. So you need something gentle and natural to keep baby's skin just the way it should be. 

Organic babies products don't use any nasty chemicals or unnecessary perfumes. It is also fairly traded, with 10% of net profit donated to charity, keeping your conscience clean as a whistle! 

A little drop in our bath was enough to clean the stubborn yoghurt and banana that had become glued to tiny hands, cheeks, eyebrows and even hair. There aren't that many bubbles, though we did only use a little drop as recommended. The lavender scent is subtle and I found it calming despite the rubber duck frenzy that accompanies our bath time.

We have had problems in the past with a leading brand causing red spots on little one's skin. The health visitor advised us to stick to natural products, and Organic Babies body wash and shampoo definitely fits the bill. All dried and cuddled post-bath with soft skin just waiting to be kissed! 

After bath time we have tooth brushing time. Little one loves to copy us brushing our teeth, and giggles with delight as the brush tickles his little gums. As this first tooth is so very precious I wanted to steer away from any artificial flavour, colouring or chemicals. 

Organic children's toothpaste contains no nasty foaming agents, artificial flavours or sweeteners. The mandarin and aloe vera combination intrigued me - far more exotic than 50 shades of mint offered in most toothpaste ranges. The ingredients are 100% natural, meaning that these first precious milk teeth are off to the best possible, and natural, start. 

I was offered these two products to try by Green People (the parent company), after being very impressed by their suncream this summer. All thoughts and words are my own, and I was not paid for this review.