Sunday, September 9, 2012

Dead Computer = Big Mess

This past week did not start off too well when the hard drive in my computer died.  I managed to use what I could on Nathan's computer and my iPad to post throughout the week.  Nathan ordered a new computer (one he had to assemble), and after a couple days it is set up on the coffee table.  Why the coffee table you ask? With the arrival if the new computer Nathan suggested we go down to one computer since we are never both on our desktops at the same time any more.  This would mean we could move a desk and save room! We definitely need room! So I agreed.  This, however, is not an easy feat.  Nathan's desk was covered with junk mail, random cds, and things started but not yet finished.  I rearranged enough stuff to fit my desk in our broom where I will hopefully be able to scrapbook. Got it moved and Nathan's desk cleared off.  Now there are boxes to go through and a new desk to set up.  Basically my whole house has been taken over by this one computer! It is a big job, and I hope to get most of it finished today!  I have more pictures to add, but I didn't even want to attempt with the current state of the house and computer.
Nathan's puzzle.
Eli "helping." 
Too add to the craziness of the house, Nathan got Heroscape out to try to teach the girls.  Then he made a huge map on the kitchen table where the girls have been playing with their tiny ponies.

This is just the little map in the living room.  The other one takes up the entire kitchen table!
Most of our week has already been blogged about anyhow. Sunday we went to the balloon derby, and all the kids enjoyed that (Balloon Derby). Monday we celebrated my brother-in-law's birthday which the kids also enjoyed.  Anything with sweets and balloons is good for them (Grilled Candy Bars).   The girls have become big fans of balloon volleyball.

The rest of the week was spent reading and basing projects off our library books. Story time at the library started again this Wednesday, so I expect there will be more projects based on books (Cloud Sensory Bin"Eatable" PillowsDon't Let the Pigeon Drive the Bus). And we made some Sand Art Pictures. We got to play outside some too!

I'm not sure how many times they caught this same little moth. It must have been terrified!
 I also started thinking about Nadia's birthday invitations, so after a trip to Hobby Lobby I can get those made  Then we come to the computer rearranging mess! Hopefully we do finish today, so normal life can resume!