Sunday, September 9, 2012

ERGObaby carrier - review

When bubba was tiny we decided to invest in a baby carrier. I wanted bubba to feel safe and snug. I also believed that having both hands free would allow me to carry out exciting daily tasks such as washing up or laundry.

Unfortunately we don't have a sling library nearby to try out products. Our first purchase of the BabyBjorn Original carrier was fine until bubba was about 3 months old. My back was aching and I thought we had sadly come to the end of baby carrying.

Hearing of my plight, a friend kindly lent me her ERGObaby carrier with Infant Insert (a little cushion for baby to sit on, in a cosy wrap that supports the spine, head and neck). The Ergo design ensures that baby is well-supported and comfortable. 
There is a handy sleeping hood that supports baby's head while napping. It also keeps the sun off, perfect for those cheeky monkeys who like to pull their hat off the moment its on their head!

For those carrying baby, weight is spread across the hips with a comfy adjustable strap. The shoulder straps are padded, adjustable and have handy tabs that allow the wearer to make adjustments once baby is on board.

After a few practise runs at home I could get bubba into the carrier on my own. The hardest part was fastening the strap at the back without getting cramp, a trapped nerve or hot and bothered. Sitting down helped but there is an element of faff involved. But then I get hot and bothered easily these days so others may not have such a struggle!

The carrier can be worn on the front, back or hips. Whilst I still cannot easily get bubba in the back-carrying position on my own yet (mummy fail!), he is much easier to this way carry on longer journeys. 

The Ergo is a well-designed and stylish product.There are lots of different colours and patterns to chose from, and an Organic range. The menfolk I have spoken to are happy wear the Ergo - a definite advantage on longer walks! 

The best thing about the Ergo is that bubba loves it. He is lovely and comfy, and I think it has brought us closer. Hubby loves the freedom it has given us - we even managed part of the South Coast Path on bubba's first holiday.

Our little boy loves his view of the big wide world. I can happily chatter away to him as we go about our day. Shame that there never quite the time to do that washing up...