Sunday, September 30, 2012

Dragons, Apples, and a Kitty

We had a fun and crafty week this past week!  It started with a visit to the Renaissance Festival with some of my family.  All the girls had a great time! Eli slept through a lot of it, but I think he had a good time too.

Once we were home we did a couple crafts to go along with our renaissance experience.  The first was replicating the cute little pipe cleaner flower rings the girls got at the Renaissance festival.  After we finished a few the girls decided to use the pipe cleaners to make all sorts of other things: flowers, trophies, bow and arrows, and chains.

The second was making fire breathing dragons from toilet paper tubes and streamers. We had a little trouble with the girls not being able to blow the streamers, but we fixed it pretty easily.

We also went apple picking with Grandma, and they all really enjoyed that too.  Eli really loved sampling all the apples!

Of course we did a craft to go along with our apple picking too.  We made cute little apples (and some fall leaves at the girls request) by drawing with melting crayons.  I think they turned out really pretty, so we may have to repeat this for other seasons!

The big news of the week though, we got a kitten! It has been 8 years since I have had a kitten; my other kitties are getting a bit older (Creature is 10 and Triscuit is 8).  We brought home a fluffy little Siamese colored boy kitty from my sister.  After much debate on a name the girls have decided to go with Skippyjon Jones.  He is a spoiled kitty who craves attention a lot of the time.  All the kids love him and are always on the look out for him.  He is definitely causing his share of trouble though, and the older kitties (especially Triscuit) aren't big fans.  I am sure given time everyone will be able to live peacefully.

That was pretty much our week other then the little bouts of sickness Nadia and I had. They were pretty short, so at least we didn't have to interrupt too much!

Here are some more random pictures from the past week or so off my little camera (I don't empty it as regularly).

And now we start a new week; hope yours is wonderful!