Friday, September 28, 2012

Happy 60th Birthday Big Tex!

“Howdy Folks!” is the large and loud southern welcome visitors receive upon entering the Texas State Fair. The booming welcome can only be given by a 52 foot tall famous cowboy, Big Tex.

The State Fair icon celebrates his 60th birthday this year. After his first debut in 1952, Big Tex has undergone a few changes to comply with his increasing age. These include a nose change, adding a wink to his eyes, as well as grayer hair and wrinkles in his face and hands.

Big Tex has long been a favorite to visitors of the State Fair, easily recognizable by his giant appearance that presides over the entrance. His staple Dickies jeans require 72 yards of denim and are held up by his 50 pound belt buckle. He wears size 70 boots and his hat is 75 gallons!

You can wish Big Tex a happy birthday in person starting Friday, September 28, when the State Fair officially opens for the season. Make sure to take a weekend off and enjoy the carnival rides, fair food, petting zoos, musical entertainment, car shows, and much more that make the Texas State Fair unforgettable!