Monday, October 1, 2012

Where Are My Batteries?

Battery operated kids toys, most of us have a few (or in our case way too many), and now they are all made safer by adding the lovely little screws that keep the battery area shut.

For the most part these little screws are only an inconvenience.  Until you go to the trouble of unscrewing the screws, as your hopeful child looks on, only to open it up and discover you are out of batteries!  Usually this doesn't happen to me with common battery sizes like AA or AAA, but it happens a lot with the bigger sizes.

Now with my little label maker I can just glace at  the toy and know if I can "fix" it right away or not.  That's right I have labeled all the battery operated toys (or at least those I have had to change batteries in) with the size and quantity of batteries needed.

A quick look at the toy and a quick look at my batteries tells me if it is worth getting my screwdriver.

I keep my batteries in a little craft box like you would use for beads.

New batteries=happy baby!