Sunday, October 14, 2012

Where Did the Week Go?

Hmmmm....I really don't know what happened this past week.  It seems we were constantly busy but didn't get anything done! I know part of it was having family in town, another was spending all of Wednesday running errands, and a third was the stomach flu. I guess sometimes there are just weeks like that.

We did get to spend more time with Nathan's cousin before he headed back to Texas Saturday.  I am still pretty sure the girls thought he was there just to play with them.  Hopefully they will remember him whenever he makes it back up here.

We did get some birthday shopping done and Eli's 15 month doctor's appointment out of the way.  He is still tiny at 19.5 pounds, but almost back onto the chart.  I have to say that he still cause a lot of trouble for being as small as he is.  This week it seemed every time I turned around he had climbed onto a chair or table.  We have had to stop using the baby gate as he climbs it, and the piano bench must be pushed in at all times to keep him off the piano. I think a lot of our time this week may have gone to keeping him out of trouble too.

We did do a few fun things even though I went into the week without a clear plan.  We made a Hungry Fish Addition game out of a lantern.

We had a lot of fun with Fairy Potion....

....and then some more fun with Slime.

Then the vomiting started.  It seemed Eli and Nadia picked up the stomach flu (most likely at the doctor's office).  Thursday night around 10 pm Eli started and continued until around 2 am. Meanwhile Nadia started around 1 am until 5 am.  It was a very long, sleepless night for me.  As a result I did not go to the work Friday.  Instead I napped and caught up on the laundry that had been produced overnight.  Nadia was still sick on and off in the morning when she would drink anything.  They both took lots of naps and seemed to feel better after that.  Eli ended up getting sick again Saturday evening somehow.  I guess he just ate or drank more then his stomach could handle.

We also celebrated Nathan's birthday Saturday with carrot cake and 32 candles.

 That was about it for our week! I am sure this next week will be very busy with birthday preparations!