Thursday, October 18, 2012

Glittery Melted Crayon Fish

Well it didn't take long for us to revisit the use of a griddle for melting crayons like we did for our Melted Crayon Leaves.  It seemed like a good way to make fish to decorate for Nadia's Mermaid Party.  This time we used regular paper and we added glitter.  I think these would work really well along with the book Rainbow Fish too.

We started by selecting and unwrapping crayons.

Using the griddle (covered with aluminum foil this time) on the lowest setting, the girls colored on the paper.

While the wax was wet they added glitter. The glitter ended up a little out of hand and all over the house, but that is what happens anytime we get out glitter.

I also let them try coloring the aluminum foil under the paper.  It didn't work the best as the wax tended to bead up on it.  They still had dun trying though. Once they were all cool I cut out fish shapes (well they sort of look like fish).

I think they counted 28 fish total after I hung them around the house.  Pretty sure they would have made more if it hadn't been for Eli wanting the griddle. Nadia was happy with them, and since they are for her party, I guess that is what matters.