Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Happy Birthday Nadia

When Bria was only 5 months old, I felt an urging to have another baby.  Not wanting to go against God's will Nathan and I stopped avoiding pregnancy and in one month (when Bria was 6 months old) I got pregnant.  We had wanted children close in age originally, but we hadn't really expected them to be only 15 months apart.  9 months later on October 16, we had Nadia! That was 4 years ago.

 Now as Nadia turns 4 it is hard to believe she is only 4. She seems quite mature for her age especially in her speech and thought process.  She certainly still shows a lot of strong will now and then and a lot of drama too.  But when she is calm she can be such a sweet little girl.

She loves anything soft and fuzzy...blankets, stuffed animals, real animals.  You frequently find her "fuzzing" (her word for petting) them.

She loves all animals including bugs and worms.

She isn't frightened by much. She will try most anything once; especially if it is Bria's idea.

She loves her sister and even her brother (although I think he does annoy her quite a bit).

She loves pretending to be a princess, a fairy, a unicorn, or any other number of things, but especially a princess.

She can be a bit competitive and a bit opinionated.

She still has a tendency to be my messiest child no matter what she is doing.

 But she is also a great helper and is willing to take a stand when she thinks something is wrong.  She has a great desire to learn; at least most of the time.  She is a wonderful blessing from God, and she balances Bria out well.  I think both of them benefit from their sister!

 Happy Birthday Nadia! I can't imagine life without you!