Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Star Counting (to 100)

Last week we practiced some Skip Counting by tens up to 100.  This week we counted to 100 using stars (we sort of have a space theme going on).  The first way we did it was using a piece of paper with numbers 1-100 written on it.  I then had the girls count each number as they put a star sticker on it (they love stickers).

The second way we counted was using star shaped beads and egg cartons.  I was hoping I had 10 egg  cartons saved for each girl, but I didn't.  So each one had a single egg carton cut down to just 10 holes.
I had them count as they placed one bead in each hole.  Then I had them repeat with each set of 10 until each hole had 10 beads in it (100 all together).  Then we could skip count using each hole as a set of ten.

Of course the girls wanted to use the beads for necklaces, so I let them each make a necklace after we had counted.  The only catch was they had to make a pattern with the beads rather then randomly stringing them on like they typically do.

Sorting beads by color to make necklaces.

They were pretty happy with them, and Bria put hers in rainbow order. Rainbows always make me smile too. :)