Thursday, October 25, 2012

Why I Should NOT Attempt to Photograph My Kids Alone

I had a brilliant idea that I would get pictures of the girls in their mermaid tutus and Eli dressed as a pirate. I, of course, had this picture in my head of these perfectly adorable photographs (as I always do).  Like always we head out to do them, and I can't get a single picture from my head into my camera! I always think, I could really use someone to help distract them, chase them, get them to smile, but morning is the easiest time for me to get them around to try pictures.  You know, when everyone is at work.  This was quite possibly the last relatively warm day, so I decided to try.  Here are the results:

Seriously? Why can't they all look at the camera at the same time????

Eli appears to be stabbing Bria here, but at least bot girls are smiling.

Apparently Eli does not want kisses either.

Cheese Nadia!

And then we were distracted by the prints on the sand. At least they correctly identified them.


Deer. A mommy and baby according to Nadia.

Meanwhile, the pirate is causing trouble!

And on to playing in the sand.

Nadia was making balls and calling them "batter balls." She said bad bats eat them and turn into good bats.

Hey look! A rock!  He very clearly said rock as he threw it too.
Now the girls come up with the brilliant plan of washing their hands off in the lake.

At first it works.

Then Eli and Eli's pants get involved.

So now with a wet, sandy Eli and 2 wet girls, I gave up and headed home.  They are still cute even if I didn't get any with them all looking at me.  I still hope I can try again another time, with some help!