Monday, October 1, 2012

Boot Camp Public Service Style

Public Service students were put through their paces at this years Boot Camp, Public Service Staff and Hall Place Staff including Admiral Suzie MIC, KEY, MO, USE with Hons. who led the nautical phase, Sergeant Major Phoebe put the recruits through basic belaying in the bouldering room and Air Marshall Kae taught rescue techniques in the near Baltic Thames.

The highlights included an interesting rendition of the days events around the camp fire using contemporary method acting as the medium, luckily for the West End no one was that keen to take to the stage professionally.  Simon's survival skills session proved to be popular, particularly his aboriculture knowledge and his ability to make FIRE!

Phoebe rescues man on BIG ladder thing!

Stop swinging the b####y thing!

To Cool for School (sorry) Skool for you young folk

It's thataway!