Sunday, October 28, 2012

Its that time of year

You know the one. The clocks have gone back. You drag home half the park in your buggy wheels. And you're on cold no.3 in so many weeks.

I blame that perpetually snotty kid at play group. There's always one. Slobbering the toys you just know your little one is eyeing up for a good chew. And its just not good mummy manners to give it a sneaky wipe first. Especially as your baby has now been tagged and will take his turn as chief slobberer next week.

So, what to do. Here's our five top tips in the Baby Vs Snot battle.

sooo many tissues
  1. Fruit. Lots of it. Forget vitamin supplements. Mainline kiwi fruit. Just be prepared for nappy fun with this one. At least you know its gone in I guess!
  2. Mummy milk. If little one is too young to scoff fruit then some magic mummy milk with all those vitamins and nutritional goodies will no doubt aid the recovery process. You may need a stash of biscuits to cope with your little milk monster for this one. Good excuse to hide away for extra snuggle time... Particularly if little one has kindly shared said cold.
  3. Pain relief. Not that I like dosing little one but nothing beats it for bringing down a temperature. We found before bath time was best, can wash off the excess from our sticky battle with the spoon - and hits the spot before bedtime feed...
  4.  Saline spray. We like the Sterimar one. Well I do anyway. Bubba is indifferent until a spray shoots up one nostril. Then he considers what exactly mummy has just done - gives me The Look and wails like a banshee. Mean Mummy braces herself for round 2. This is not as straight forward as it sounds. A serious amount of flapping ensues and most ends up in his eye. How much would you hate it if someone tried to do that to you?! Only after lots of apology snuggles when little one can breathe a bit easier does it feel at all worth it... Not sure why its always me that has to do this bit, whereas -
  5.  Chest vapour rub. This is the part that I have a willing volunteer for. Rubbing that soft little bundle of warmth with nice smelling rub. I get to have some too, so bubba can breathe it in when he feeds. I don't seem to get anyone volunteering for that bit either. Clearly am only useful as Baby Feeder for the moment... 
tasty box... shame about the contents...
 Once you have completed the above nightly rigmarole you can be safe in the knowledge that by next week, or the week after if you've managed to avoid The Slobberer you can begin the whole process all over again. Who was it that said Autumn was their favourite time of year!?

 What are your top tips for surviving the cold season?
shh... don't wake the baby...
We were given Sterimar nasal spray to try for the purposes of a post. We were not paid for the post and all views and opinions expressed are honest and my own, as always.