Friday, October 5, 2012

Oxo Tot feeding set review

I love meal times. Well the first five minutes anyway- a moment of peace as little one tucks into the delicious lunch you've prepared. Or the quickly thrown together cheese sandwich. Well an open sandwich. Ok, honestly - some bread and cheese... We ran out of time, the baby was flapping wildly, I had forgotten to do any shopping etc etc... So I christened our smart new Oxo Tot feeding set with a sandwich, but hey, the baby didn't seem to mind!

The blue and white feeding set is a good looking piece of baby kit and feels nice and chunky to hold. I would usually choose gender neutral colours but am used to blue items adorning the nursery etc! The curved lip on the trainer plate is good for little hands to push food against and pick up.
The coloured edge is part transparent so food can be seen through it. The non slip bases stop plates and bowls sliding about but don't stick to the tray or table. So despite my appreciation of the plate it stayed on the tray for about a minute. Once food was tipped out the underside was given a close inspection before being discarded over the side.

If you are happy to either hold the plate/bowl in place, or don't mind it being used for only a short period then its lovely. Or perhaps for a baby older than ten months who doesn't think the worlds best game is to drop things over the side of the highchair. I think we will pop it away for a couple of months as I can only just bear to clean the highchair tray 3 times a day- I just can't face a plate too!

The Oxo Tot cup has a screw-on lid: a joy after the near drenching I get every time I de-lid our tommy tippee cup. It is however a lot heavier and my ten month old found it harder to hold or tip up. Its not a free flow cup so took a little getting used to, and I found it quite difficult to tell how much he was swallowing.

The handles are nice and chunky and again the design is original and eye catching. There is no lid so the spout needs regular cleaning, but at least there are no annoying food-catching areas near the spout. I think we would use this at home as with no lid its likely to get grubby in the mess that is our changing bag. But at home we have a doidy cup (an angled beaker). I liked the extra bit on the Oxo Tot cup that turns it into a beaker but found as much water was waved around as from a cup. If I held the cup there was less spilled - so again may wait til he is a little older. But by then he may be ok with just a beaker instead.

But these are so lovely looking, and they are much nicer to use than plain plastic plates and cups. The clever design of the curved lip, and well fitting kids with the bowls are useful additions for little hands at mealtimes and great for storing unused food. They are well made and will last us well into toddlerhood and beyond. I think they would make an ideal first birthday gift for any design conscious parent...