Sunday, October 28, 2012

Keeping Busy

This past week started off with  Nadia's Mermaid Party.  She was so excited, and she seemed to have a great time!  I was pretty happy to get it over with.  I enjoy planning the parties, but they sure are stressful to carry out!

We kept ourselves busy the rest of week.  I finally made the girls some baked sight word cotton balls to squish (Squishing Sight Words).  Since I had seen the idea a couple months ago I had been wanting to try it. The girls recently finished going through a set of sight word worksheets, so this was good review.  They seemed to enjoy squishing them too.

We also had some fun with book activities.  We made a Skippyjon Jones Sensory Bin Wednesday when it became apparent that our Parents as Teachers person had forgotten our appointment (It had to be rescheduled from the previous week when we were sick).   This at least kept them busy for a while.

Bria and I also made some paper sack puppets to go with "The Little Red Hen." Nadia enjoyed playing with them too; even if she didn't get to help make them.

We also tried to spend some time outside while it was nice.  Who wants to waste 80 degree weather in October? We practiced some "Skip" Counting one evening.

Nadia also found a nest in the tree above where we found our little Crackle.  We are assuming it is his nest; we just couldn't find it when all the leaves were on the tree.

Then right before it got cold again I tried to get some pictures of the girls in their mermaid tutus.  I put together a little pirate outfit for Eli, but he really wanted no part of it.  The results were NOT what I had in mind.  I hope we get a chance to try again before they grow out of them!

At some point this week, the girls worked together to complete the 100 piece puzzle Nadia got for her birthday.  I figured they would get bored with it as they normally don't sit too well for puzzles, but they didn't. They had it together it no time!

We also went to art class again Thursday evening.  This time they were talking about warm and cool colors. Bria wanted to know why there were no hot colors, and Nadia told her red was hot because fire was hot.  They they made some prints with leaves. Neither were too interested in making prints. Bria was distracted by the toys, and Nadia just wanted to paint with a brush.  Maybe we will try again here at home.

Overall it was a pretty busy week (as they all seem to be).  This next week I am going to try something new with the girls (I hope; organization is not my strong suite).  They have become very interested in what other people do for as a job, so I am hoping we can start exploring that a bit more.  I guess we'll see ho wit works out!