Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Fairy Potion

My girls are always fascinated by baking soda and vinegar reactions.  They just love that sudden fizz!  Just for fun I decided to do it again and to add dish soap for some foam!  I was preparing it when i saw the girls running around with fairy wings on and decided to add a bit of magic (glitter of course) too!

I started by filling a glass vase halfway with white vinegar and squirted in some dish soap.  I added some red food coloring to get a pretty pink color the girls would like. The pan around it is to catch the foam.

Then in too little cups I mixed baking soda and glitter to make "fairy dust." The girls were so excited when they saw their fairy dust!

Our Fairy Dust

I asked them if they thought their fairy dust could create a magical potion if they combined with with the pink liquid.  They were certain it could!

So on the count of 3 I let them dump in their fairy dust.

The reaction was quick, so Bria didn't get hers in before it came bubbling up.  After it slowed a little I let her add her fairy dust and it started again!

They had a lot of fun playing in the foam.  In fact they wanted to do it again!

So we repeated it with green.  Then they wanted to show their dad.

So we repeated it with blue (well Dawn dish soap colored since I was out of blue food coloring)! Eli was awake now, and he loved it too!

I think they would have kept doing it over and over if I hadn't been running short on baking soda!