Wednesday, October 24, 2012

Skippyjon Jones Sensory

Last week I took our little Skippyjon Jones to visit our Partners in Education preschool class.  Along with my little kitty, I took the book to read to them.  I was surprised only 3 of them had even heard of Skippyjon Jones, but they all seemed to enjoy the book (and the kitty).  My girls LOVE the books.  I guess that goes without saying considering the name of our kitten.

Of course, they love the kitten more then the books.

On a whim this week I made them a little sensory bin to go along with the book.  I added assorted beans, a stuffed Siamese cat, stuffed doggies (I didn't have many chihuahuas though), and a few little sword picks.  The sword picks would need to be left out if it was for a younger child, but the girls are 4 and 5 and handle them pretty well with supervision.

I even gave the girls some masks to wear, but it didn't last long. They don't seem to like things covering their faces.

They did play with the stuffed animals for a while making up stories and replaying Skippyjon Jones.  They decided to use a Zhu Zhu pet as Alfredo Buzzito since I could not find a bee.

Then they just enjoyed playing with the beans.  Nathan and I are not fans of beans, so the girls really hadn't been exposed to them, especially in a raw form.  They seemed to enjoy them.  Eli enjoyed them after he got up from his nap, maybe a little too much judging by the number that ended up on my floor.