Sunday, October 7, 2012

This, That, and Of Course.....the Cat

Our activities this past week may have been a bit random, but I feel like we were productive at least. Sunday started with Nathan making a wooden box for Skippyjon Jones to eat in, so the big cats couldn't steal his food.  The girls were very interested in watching this process.  They kept telling Nathan not to hurt himself.

Unfortunately even with how small he made the door, my fat Creature got in.  So I added a little piece of cardboard behind the door to shrink the door.  Well he figured out how to reach through the slats and spill the food, so I lined it with cardboard.  After my additions it works great!

Just a random cute picture of the kitty sleeping on Nadia.

We didn't have anything else planned that day, so I was also able to get Nathan to help with our Do, Re, Mi Bottles.  I had hoped he would be better at playing them.  However, I found that neither of us were terribly good at it, but the girls enjoyed them.

Prior to story time Wednesday I wanted to make sure we finished the Sensory Bear Hunt I came up with to go along with the book 'We're Going on a Bear Hunt' which we had checked out the previous week.  The girls enjoyed running back and forth through it while Eli enjoyed the messiness!

We also got a chance to collect various leaves and try some Autumn Leaf Chromatography. It was interesting to me to see how you could separate the colors in the leaves.

I was happy to finish the Mermaid Tutus I had started for the girls to wear at Nadia's upcoming birthday party.  She is so excited for it!

We also got some good news Friday.  Nathan has been working for some time to get raises for the people he works with (not even for himself, just his under paid co-workers), and he was successful.  The CEO of the company actually took a salary cut to provide for the raises! And he gave Nathan one too!  I know he has a long way to go, but this seems like a good step to improving the company which has been his goal since he started there last February.

We had some fun with family over the past week as well. One of Nathan's cousins is visiting from Texas  right now.  He has been around a few days, and of course, the girls think he is here just to play with them.  I'm sure he has enjoyed reading Fancy Nancy and playing with ponies.

Reading a My Little Pony book here.  Sorry about the terrible phone photo.

5 lazy boys playing video games.  At least the kitties were happy together for a couple minutes.
Saturday was spent with family here and the girls pretending to be superheros (I think they were calling themselves the Superpower Girls).  They were running around with blankets on like capes. All the while Eli was trying to do the same thing with one of Bria's sweatshirts.  It is pretty cute when he tries to copy the things they do (at least for now it is).

On to the second week of October! I am not even sure how it can already be that late in the year, but here we are. I wonder what we will do!