Thursday, October 18, 2012

Bria's First 4-H Experience

Bria had her first meeting as a 4-H Clover kid this week.  Before we left Nadia was whining that she wanted to go too, so Nathan said she needed to stay with him.  She was quick to inform him that he was old enough to stay by himself.

Bria was so excited when we pulled into the parking lot, and she saw all the other kids getting out.  Inside she was mesmerized.  She just stood there watching all the older kids despite me telling her she could find a place to set repeatedly.  She listened during the first part of the meeting and during roll call she asked when they would call her name.  I told her they may not because she was new.  When they asked all the new members to stand up and give their names she did.  She wasn't shy at all about it! After I explained the voting process a little (that saying "I" meant you agree and "Nay" meant you didn't), she even tried to do participate in that. Luckily she didn't try to say nay to anything.  Then the clover kids were dismissed to do their own little meeting. I told Bria she could go by herself if she wanted, but she wanted me to come. It was probably a good thing because there were a lot of little ones!

We headed downstairs where the kids got to make a button flower by stringing buttons on floral wire.  There wasn't really a right way to make it.  Some kids put all their buttons in a row and others made it more flowery by bending the wire between buttons.  They also learned a little song, "Gray Squirrel;" which Bria was surprisingly shy about singing.  Bria asked a couple times if we could go as the meeting upstairs was running a bit long.  She was ok to wait when she found out she got cookies afterwards.

Once we did get to leave she told me, "4-H is fun!" I was concerned since she had been bored a couple times, but she was pretty proud of her flower.  Guess we get to do it again next month!