Thursday, October 11, 2012


I pinned this from Tot Treasures a while back, and we just now got around to actually making some.  Most likely because it uses stuff I don't readily keep on hand...liquid starch and clear glue.  I only bought 1 bottle of clear glue, so I used all of it, but I have plenty of liquid starch left if anyone has suggestions on things to make with it.

So you basically mix together equal parts of clear glue and liquid starch.  I had 5 oz of glue, so I used 5 oz of starch.

Then you can color it however you want.  The girls wanted green and purple.  I used way too much food coloring, but they didn't mind.  I just ended up with slightly discolored children for a little while.

After getting on some old shirts to play in (because of the excessive food coloring), they had funn stretching and mixing the slime.

They had a great time trying to see exactly how far they could stretch it.  I think they would have played with it all day, but after Eli went down for a nap they started getting a bit careless with it.  And my floor was turning a bit green, so we put it in a ziploc to play with another day.

Oh and I washed the shirts the same day, and it came out completely! I would still be careful with the food coloring, but ti seems to wash out really well.