Sunday, October 7, 2012

Nathan's Favorite Grilled Potatoes

This is a recipe Nathan and I (I seasoned it, and he taste tested) came up with after making a different cheesy potato recipe.  We tried a recipe we found online, and it was good.  We went to replicate it without the recipe and came up with something better! Then we tried to replicate that several times until we finally decided we needed to figure it out and write it down.  In the end it came out really simple and really yummy!


3 cups potatoes, sliced
1/2 T seasoned salt (we like Lawry's)
1/2 T BBQ seasoning (we like Gates Classic Seasoning)
1/8 t black pepper
bacon or onions or both
1/4 C butter
cheese (we use Colby Jack)

Mix sliced potatoes with seasonings (I usually use a large ziploc for this). Add bacon or onions.

 Place on a piece of greased Al foil.  Cube butter and place on top. Cover with cheese.  I think we usually use about a cup, but you can use however much you want.

Cover it all with another piece of greased Al foil. Fold tightly.

Grill until potatoes are soft.  Or you can bake them in the oven at 450 degrees (about 20 minutes).  They really are better grilled.