Sunday, November 11, 2012

Frosted Gourds

I am not sure why we decided to do this, other then I had seen some people do it to mason jars on Pinterest and thought I would give it a try.  The girls had picked out an over abundance of gourds at the pumpkin patch this year, so I just wondered how they would look frosted.

I started with watered down Elmer's glue (1/2 glue, 1/2 water), a paint brush, Epsom salt, and GOURDS!

I painted the glue mixture on the gourds.

Then I rolled it in Epsom salt.

Repeated on the other side and left it to dry.

Well that was easy enough.  After I did a couple the girls decided they wanted to help.  They didn't get the glue quite as even, but that didn't matter.  They still looked frosty.

I really think they turned out pretty as we head toward colder weather.  Frosting your gourds makes them fit the winter scheme more, so you can display them a little longer. Unless you are like me and really don't decorate much by the season in which case you will have frosty gourds until they get mushy in March! Here are my frosted gourds with some unfrosted ones. We did a couple little pumpkins too!