Thursday, November 8, 2012

Letter B Sensory Bin

Just as I did with Letter A, I made a Letter B Sensory Bin for Eli. We again used our magnet that says the letter and the letter sound, a book about B, foam letter B's, and an assortment of objects that start with B. I had the girls help find things to put in it, and surprisingly (or not) it was easier to find things that start with B. We came up with a ball, a baby, a butterfly, a bear, beads, and blocks.  I really think the girls get just as excited about the bins as Eli does.  They show him things in it and want me to read the book to them.  Eli was mainly interested in the blocks.

I did notice that while we talked about B and said its sound that Eli would make the same sound.  He did it was A too, but I thought it was because he makes a short A sound frequently. Maybe he is learning to associate the letters with sounds already! Or maybe he just likes to copy us; at least I know he can make the sounds!

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