Monday, November 26, 2012

Turkey Hunt

I saw the idea for a turkey hunt on Frugal Fun for Boys, and while my boy isn't big enough to shoot a Nerf gun, my girls are, and they love them! Instead of pop up turkeys I went for standing turkeys that would fall down when hit.  I thought the extra drama would excite the girls even if it did mean picking up turkeys between each round.

I started with a Gerber Puffs container and scrapbook paper.  (I have saved these containers for so long; I was happy to finally find a use for some!)

I cut out a turkey body that would fit the Puffs containers and a whole bunch of colored feathers.  I used hot glue to glue it all together and add paper noses, wattles, and googly eyes.

 After I had all my turkeys made; I hot glued them to the containers.  Ta-da! Cute little turkeys to shoot.  Although Eli tried to call them ducks; they do look like turkeys, right???

At our first Thanksgiving we tried it outside.  The wind made it a little hard because the turkeys wanted to blow over.  Once we found a less windy spot the girls had fun shooting them over and over.  Eli preferred to steal them and hug them.

My kids didn't want to shoot as much at the next Thanksgiving (Yes we had two), but my nieces sure did! O wasn't strong enough to cock the Nerf gun, so she ran over them with the lawn mower instead.

 My kids preferred sliding up and down the hall this time.

We didn't play with any real rules, but I am sure you could see who could hit the most or the furthest or even play a game a HORSE like you would in basketball taking turns at different locations.  Ours were just excited to knock them over!