Saturday, November 10, 2012

Recovering from Our "Extra" Hour

The time change on Sunday really screwed the kids up; I knew I was too lucky when the girls were babies and they just seemed to never notice time changes! The were all up earlier then normal even.  I honestly don't think they are fully adjusted now! They have just been so tired all week long!  Luckily we didn't have a real busy week planned either.  We went to vote and to story time, but even our art class was cancelled.  It was a good thing too with how mopey they were all acting.

Bats they made in story time out of hand prints.
Despite poor attention spans we were able to finish up our letter A related activities.  We spent more time on space to go with  A is for Astronaut including learning about Earth's Rotation and Hunting for Constellations.

We also talked about Architects!  The girls really enjoyed measuring things with blocks, and Eli just liked building towers (and knocking them down).

We went over our first Bible story. We started with Creation and the Original Sin.  To go along with it the girls made paper bag trees to represent the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil. They both did a great job with their Letter A Bible verse too! Both of them were able to say the whole thing and remember where it was found!

We very briefly started on the Letter B.  We went over our Bible verse a couple times, and we made our Letter B Sensory Bin.

The girls and I started decorating pumpkins and gourds, but Eli's still isn't done.  Hopefully we can get it done soon, so I can show you what the girls wanted to do this year! Here is a picture as they were starting; Skippyjon Jones thought he needed in on the action.

I also got started on the girls tooth fairy pillows since Bria does have her first loose tooth.  I just hope I finish them in time!  We really took it pretty easy this week. Which I would like to happen MORE often! I hope as we continue going through our alphabet of community helpers we will find a bit more of a rhythm. I guess only time will tell!

These are just some cute pictures of Eli feeding the cats since he has been waking up so early.  The cats like it when he feeds them; he always goes back for more.