Saturday, November 17, 2012

Excitement Abounds

I am not sure how, but even two weeks after the time change it seems the girls still aren't adjusted! They sleep fine, but they are just always tired.  I am starting to think we should all go to bed when the sun goes down and get up with the sun! Maybe it is just because we had an exciting week (at least from the girls point of view).

The week didn't start out real exciting. In fact, Sunday was actually a pretty lazy day, I tried to plan meals for the next two weeks, and we did make it to the grocery store.  Really that was about it other then the normal laundry and stuff.

The girls after Skippyjon Jones Sunday morning.

The real fun for the girls started Tuesday when Nathan bought them the New movie, Brave.  They always love to watch movies especially if it involves a princess, and an added bonus for Bria, she is a princess who uses a bow and arrow.

Eli attack!

Wednesday we met with our homeschooling group and went roller skating which of course was very exciting for the girls.  It had been a while since they had been, but they did a great job!  They were actually doing better then a lot of the kids older then them just because they had been before.  Eli enjoyed it too! The owner allowed us to take the stroller onto the skating rink, so once the girls were comfortable I was able to skate Eli around pretty fast until he fell asleep!

They didn't want to try limbo.
Thursday the girls had art class for the first time in a couple weeks.  It was a smaller class then normal (lots of icky things going around), so the girls had a chance to really talk to some of the other kids.  That was pretty fun for them.

Throughout all of this we worked on our memory verse for the letter B, Ephesians 4:32 (I have to say the girls are doing a really good job with their memory verses), and we did a couple of little projects too.  We did a Fingerprint Noah's Ark.

And we made our own Butter.

And we finished up our Glittery Pumpkins (finally)!

And we continued with our alphabet of community helpers adding B is for Banker and B is for Baker.

Friday was the really really exciting day for the girls though.  Nathan took the day off to spend some time with his brother who is n town from Idaho.  So of course he took all the kids with him to play with their cousins! I was working, so I don't know how they reacted, but I know they were thrilled to play with more Moore babies! They were really excited to go back and see them Saturday too! I am sure the excitement will last through this week too; especially considering Thanksgiving is coming up!

Nadia's Duck Face
Because Thanksgiving is this next week we are going to hold off on our Community Helper Series. We will probably do some turkey things and just prepare for the holiday! Hope you all have a wonderful Thanksgiving  too!

I forgot to add a couple other exciting things for the girls this week! The new season of My Little Ponies started, and they got to see Jupiter in the night sky! Obviously both good reasons to be excited!