Sunday, November 25, 2012

A Busy Thanksgiving Week

We took a break from what we had been working on this past week to celebrate Thanksgiving.  With family in town and a lot to get done, we didn't have much time for many projects.

Monday the girls got to go bowling! We got there at the tail end of their game, so I was able to at least get a couple pictures.  Bria really liked the shoes!  Obviously Eli didn't bowl, but once we arrived he did get to help his dad drive video games.

The next couple days we worked on some turkey activities. We worked on sight words a bit by feeding them to a milk-carton turkey, and we made some cute little turkey footprints to give to grandparents.

We also prepared for Thanksgiving.  The girls helped make Salted Caramel Pretzel Bark, pumpkin rolls, and apple turkeys.  I made pumpkin shaped rolls while they were in bed.


The day of Thanksgiving started with the kids opening gifts (I get them a small gift on Thanksgiving, I guess because I am thankful for them). The girls were thrilled with new Lego Friends and Eli loved his backhoe.  And of course we watched the parade.  Eli was so excited about the balloons! He started fussing whenever one would disappear from the TV screen.

After that everyone got dressed and ready to go. The girls were excited to wear their turkey hairbows (thanks to Mommy's Little Sunshine for posting the instructions).

Once everything was together we headed to Grandma and Grandpa's for Thanksgiving number 1! There was lots of food, family, and fun.  Many games going throughout the house, and I tried to set up a little turkey hunt for the kids.  They had fun shooting nerf guns at them, but they had to avoid the biggest turkey who kept stealing and hugging them.  By that evening he was saying gobble!

Some turkey snacks (be on the lookout for a blog post).

Turkey ready to be hunted (blog post coming).

We tried for a family picture.

And there were more turkey bows! I thought they turned out so cute for the girls!

I had to work on black Friday, but Nathan and the kids headed back over to his parents.  That evening we got together to shoot of the fireworks that we had sitting around since July when we were under a burn ban!

Waiting for sparklers.

Normal Firework shot.

Result of me playing with focal length during shot.

And another.

We headed to our second thanksgiving Saturday evening.  More food, more family, and more fun.  We didn't even see a lot of the girls as they had too many cousins to play with. Eli of course loved the food.  All the girls seemed to enjoy shooting the turkeys.  Except O who preferred to mow them over.

We even made it to visit my Dad and Grandpa with some of the cousins.  The kids always have a good time running around there.

  These are the pictures that result from giving a 9 year old your camera!

The kids all had a wonderful time, but were exhausted by the end of it. I think i was exhausted before it even started, so I guess this next week will be catch up week on the house, on sleep, and on regular activities.  And just to start your week off good; here is a funny O face.  Such a little ham!

Have a great week!