Saturday, November 10, 2012

One year on - The Review

I was nervous. With no real reason other than I didn't know what to expect. I was pretty sure we were 'on track' for most things but what if there was something massive I'd missed? Something not in the mummy manual - something that I had failed to spot. Quite rightly Hubby told me to stop being ridiculous.

However this wasn't enough to stop me fussing about what clothes bubba should wear- too scruffy; I can't be bothered to dress my child, -too formal; I've put too much effort in, must be hiding something, -cotton trousers; what's this mummy thinking, is seven degrees out... Once I had finally decided I then ruined it all with my breakfast choice for bubba. Never start with porridge if you are looking for the freshly-bathed baby look. A good amount of Cheeky Wipes later and we resembled an almost clean mother and child.

off to see the health visitor
We popped along to the local library's Baby Rhyme Time for our daily dose of baby interaction and off-key singing. However this had the effect of tiring little one out so by the time we arrived at clinic nap time was long overdue. The late-running health visitor and hot waiting room did little to help matters. Dragging what felt like ten coats, the changing bag, sling and baby through to the clinic I was awaiting an epic meltdown. However I hadn't banked on the supply of amazing toys in store. I had simply not realised a silicone pastry brush could result in such fascination.

The questioning was less intense than I thought. Does he point? Does he eat? Does he clap? As though bubba was a circus animal putting on a show. At least he demonstrated his latest party trick - bum shuffling across the floor in search of a shiny pepper pot. Though this behaviour was noted as unusual as he has been walking with support for two months. However the process as a whole seemed to involve no judgement.

yes - he does eat...
Whilst I had been worried about being judged it dawned on me that was exactly what I wanted! Once bubba was weighed and measured she annoyingly failed to notice his lovely Wee Notions I Love Mummy Milk nappy, and marked down the date of his last breastfeed (that morning) without a word.

feeding at 11 months...
I came away pleased by her note in our red book - all age appropriate development - but what I was secretly after was a Well Done. You've managed to raise a baby that is well nourished, happy, doing well. I know I can see that for myself. But its been a big effort. The least they could do was give me a sticker for my troubles...