Thursday, November 15, 2012

Ice Jewels

The past couple days the girls have been talking about snow.  I guess it started when we saw some tiny flakes Sunday. and while I am dreading those little white flakes (I am NOT a cold weather person), they are excited about them.  None of them stuck of course, but I am sure they will soon enough!  

Last year we didn't have a whole lot of snow, but we certainly had enough (more then enough for me).  One day I decided to freeze some colored water in ice cubes for the girls to play with in the snow.  I just threw them in the snow for the girls to find.  

They were excited when they found them.  They actually rushed around to see who could collect the most of the "jewels" as they called them.  It was funny to watch them if they dropped one because it was quickly engulfed by the snow.  They had to fumble around and find it and brush all the snow off again all faster then the other one who would also dive for the lost jewel.

They each decided to take a side of the fence and line their jewels up on it.  They really looked quite pretty against the white snow.

This is definitely an activity we will have to repeat this year if (wishful thinking there) it snows!