Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Turkey Snack Holders

Found this cute little turkey snack holder idea from Lisa Storms on Pinterest.  Just a cute picture with no real instructions, but I figured how hard can it be!

I started with 2 halves of a styrofoam ball which I painted brown.  Remember not to use spray paint since it dissolves styrofoam! It did take almost an entire bottle of acrylic paint though!

Once dry I made them little paper heads with googly eyes.  I basically made the heads the same as the turkeys for the turkey hunt since I did them at the same time.

Now the feathers of this turkey were little cones made of scrapbook paper.  I just hot glued the edges to hold the cones together.

The tricky part was trying to figure out how to put them in the ball.  I tried toothpicks, but they were too wobbly.  So I made holes in the ball with a pencil.  I stuck the pencil in and swirled it around to make the holes large enough for the tips of the cones to stick in.

I tried to add the cones as I did it to make sure the weight distribution was even  otherwise my turkeys weren't going to sit flat!

After all the cones are in and your turkey is where you want him you can fill with snacks!  I used a mixture of bugles (tiny cornucopias), candy corn, and peanuts (not sure why, but the girls wanted peanuts).

It was certainly nice to have something not as sweet for them to snack on on Thanksgiving day, and it was fairly clean and portable!