Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Patriotic Ribbon Rings

This past weekend the girls found a ribbon from a package and started dancing around with it. That coupled with the upcoming summer Olympics made me want to make them some sort of ribbon wand.  The only problem is I know if I used any kind of stick it would turn into sword fighting at some point.  Instead I used some cheap shower curtains and ribbons.  Just cut the ribbon to twice the desired finished length and loop around the ring.  Pull the free ends through the loop and tighten.  Repeat until you have your desired number of ribbons on the loop.

All done! Now to give them to the girls.

Bria was distracted by the shiny ribbons still in the yard from her party, so after a few moments Nadia got both of them.  She decided they worked particularly well as bracelets that would spin around with her. I think they will definitely get more use once the Olympics start, and maybe I will ge brave and make them a real ribbon wand at some point.