Saturday, July 21, 2012

Just Keep Swimming...

This week started off busy, and certainly didn't slow down until forced to at sundown Friday.  Sunday Nathan headed to the pool with the kids hoping to prepare them for the upcoming swimming lessons. While he was doing that I was fortunate to head out with friends for a little engagement photo shoot.  This was much more fun for me then swimming except for the part when I stepped on the dead fish who's bone punctured my flip flop and subsequently my foot.  A quick break to clean my foot and we were out again.  Meanwhile the girls and Eli were having fun in the pool.

I had to work Monday, so I missed the first day of swim lessons. According to Grandma they did good and had almost completed all the goals for the class.  I had not signed Eli up though, and he was not happy about it! He wanted in the water too!  The teacher said he could go in the pool with us, so that was the plan for the rest of the week (despite my great dislike of being wet).

Tuesday started bright and early with swim lessons.  When we signed up I was a bit worried it would be too cool in the pool at 9 am, but with our recent heat wave it was already quite steamy by then.   The girls immediately hoped in and started playing with sme rings.  They wouldn't reach in with their hands to get them because they would have to stick their face in (pretty sure that was the point); instead they caught them on their feet and then brought them to their hands.  They both climbed the slide, but neither was brave enough to go down.  Eli was super excited to get to go in the pool too.  He was fascinated with going to the edge of the wading pool and watching the kids on the high dive.  Everyone was pretty tired of after swimming, but only Eli napped.

That afternoon the girls (and Eli after a nap) painted with sweetened condensed milk (Condensed Milk Painting).  Well Eli really did e most painting eve though he used his fingers.  Nadia painted a little and Bria really just wanted to see how many colors she could make in her tray.  I spent any free time I found sorting through pictures!

We headed to the park that evening to get some pictures of Bria since she was turning 5 the next day!  Nadia and Eli played while I tried to convince Bria to let me get a couple shots of her.

Wednesday was Bria's birthday (Happy Birthday Bria)!  She was so excited; she even got to open a couple gifts.  Grandma came over to go to swim lessons with us too.  Swim lessons were pretty much the same as the day before. We still couldn't convince either of the to go down the slide. After swimming we took Grandma to see the water lilies. We spotted lots of frog too.  

We all had lunch with Daddy, and then the girls got to play with new toys until quiet time.  All three kids took a nap! That evening We headed to Shakespeare's for Bria's birthday dinner.  They love getting the dough balls thrown to them. They like to squish them and mold them and eat them. Eli got one too, but all he wanted to do was eat his!

Thursday I aw afraid I would have to wake everyone up to get  swim lesson on time after a late night the day before.  Luckily I didn't need to, and we made it on time.  They had a lot of fun swimming to the rope in the big pool (with help of course), and we made progress with the slide. Bria went down it as long as I slowed her down in the middle. Nadia set on the end on it and slid off.  At least it was something!

 While Eli was napping the girls and I made little pond sensory bins and talked about the life cycle of the frog.  Their favorite part was making dragonflies fly around their pond (Pond Sensory Bin).

That afternoon we had a kids concert at the library (instead of our regular story time).  Of course it was during nap time, so Eli was quite restless.  As long as I kept him moving he did okay.  The girls both had a good time dancing around even if Nadia did think it was too loud.  

I was lucky to get to stay home Friday.  It was the girls last day at swim lessons, and it was actually pretty cool out.  Probably mid-70's, but after upper 90's it was cold!  Everyone was in and out of the pool with towels on a couple times to warm up.  Even my little fish couldn't stay in the whole time.  The girls didn't slide, but they were kicking really well today.  They were so excited to get their little card stating that they had completed the class.  The rest of the day was spent shopping and cleaning for Bria's upcoming birthday party.  She is really excited about it!

Saturday was my birthday.  The girls helped grandma decorate some cupcakes to celebrate. I tried to get some video of the girls reading, but my camera's batteries kept dying.  

Eli loves bouncing on this horse.

 That evening I started getting things ready for Bria's party! Hopefully once it is over we will have a more normal week!