Sunday, July 29, 2012

Another Fun Filled Week

Last week started with Bria's fifth birthday party (Bria's My Little Pony Party). Hard to believe my little baby is five already!  She was so excited about turning 5 and about her party. I think she had a great time!

When I came home from work Monday Bria was excited to tell me about the books she had read to Grandma.  However, she really didn't want to read any to me.  She got through half a book before she was bored and onto something else.

Tuesday the girls and I did am experiment with some of the many Skittles (Experimenting with Skittles) we have left from Bria's party.  They weren't as interested as they normally would be for some reason; all they really wanted to do all day was play.  It did give me time to catch up on some cleaning though.  At least when I wasn't being attacked by Eli.  He was very clingy this week for some reason and would follow me around saying, "Ma MA! Ma MA!" and then attack my leg if I was within 1 foot of him.

Our last story time of the summer was Wednesday, after a couple bos about fireflies the kids got to make a little craft out of a clear cup, glow in the dark paint, and aluminum foil.  Basically they put little dots of glow in the dark paint around the inside often clear cup and the put aluminum foil on the bottom.  After sitting in the light for a while the little cup would glow in the dark like a jar of fireflies.  That evening we went out to Chinese with family to celebrate some of the many July birthdays.  On the way their Bria yelled something about seeing a carnival, but neither of us saw it. Once we were there the girls were happy to eat their noodles, and Eli loved the little koi pond. He kept trying to climb in! Then as we were driving home we spotted the carnival! Bria was the only one awake, so we didn't get to do more then stop and check how long they would be in town.

Thursday the girls spent a lot of time "cleaning" in their room, so we could go to the carnival that evening.  Once the finally finished we head out.  It was a pretty small carnival, but the girls enjoyed the few rides they could ride.  They did go in the fun house a couple times as well.  Of course they weren't willing to come out through the turning hallway thing, so they turned around and came out the entrance.  Eli loved watching the ride especially once their lights were on.  He also loved funnel cakes!  We left right in time too; as soon as we got in the van it started raining.  We were certainly happy to finally have some rain. At home it was raining when we got out of the van, and Eli was a little startled by it.  I guess it had been so long since it rained while he was awake that he didn't know what to think.  As soon as a drop hit him he started to fuss.  Luckily it didn't last long.


I had a busy day at work Friday while the kids went back to the fair with Grandma.  Then once I got home  went back to see the rest of the fair.  It was certainly interesting.  It was called the Fly Wheel Reunion, and they did have a lot of old tractors   They also had crafts and basically a flew market set up.  Not really what you usually think of with a fair. The girls had fun riding in these little ducks being pulled by a tractor.  Nadia also got to see some horses which she always likes.  Eli most liked going down the slide that is always at the park there.


Saturday was Grandpa's birthday, so we were over there all day long.  They played croquet and the girls played with colored bubbles.  Eli was excited about the bubbles! Bria also found the seed ponds on the redbud tree and says, "Look, peas. Is this a pea tree?"  For dinner we tried making cupcake pizzas which worked pretty well; I will have to try them here sometime.  Then we watched some of the Olympics and headed home.