Saturday, July 7, 2012

Celebrations Galore

     Now that this week is over I remember why I did not want 2 kids with birthdays in July!  We celebrated Eli's first birthday with the first of two parties and Independence day as well as prep for Eli's second party.  Definitely a busy week!

     Sunday started with a trip back home from visiting my family.  We even made it up to visit my dad and grandpa which doesn't happen too often.  I think they enjoyed seeing the kids even if Eli destroyed the place.  My little sister and her kids came to my mom and step-dad's for a bit too.  It was so funny to see Eli walk to my nieces, but refuse to go to my sister who wanted him!  I am pretty sure he thought it was a game.  Eli's fifth tooth poked through today too.  It explains the terrible crankiness and sleeplessness the night before. So after the long drive home, I put Eli to bed, and Nathan took the girls to the carnival with Grandma and Grandpa.  They stayed out way too late, but I am sure they had fun. Besides I didn't have to deal with them the next day since I had to work.

     Work Monday was pretty busy, and we had a first, monkey surgery! After an eventful day at work I spent the evening preparing for the first of Eli's party the next day. I was super excited when I remembered my food processor could grate the carrots for the cake!

     Tuesday was Eli's first birthday! It is so hard to believe my monkey is a year old already (Happy Birthday Eli). The morning was spent baking and icing carrot cupcakes and Eli's little cake.  It took a bit longer then anticipated, so I had to rethink dinner. We just ordered pizza instead of having the cute little cupcake pizzas I wanted. Oh well, Eli likes any form of pizza.  Finally after some last minute errands, it was party time! (Eli's Monkey Party)It was a small party, but Eli enjoyed it.  That's all that matters since it was his birthday.

     From one celebration to another as Wednesday was America's birthday.  We didn't really have a lot planned especially with the burn ban in town.  Even after the late night the day before I was up at 5:00, so I went ahead and made some exploding cookie bars. It was the first time I had tried using Pop Rocks in cookies, but I think they turned out pretty good. It was definitely cool to get a cookie that pops in your mouth (Exploding Cookie Bars).  We had some little poppers for the kids, but they were so busy playing with the water table that we didn't get around to them.  We did make it to a fireworks display though.   Unfortunately there was someone in the crowd that started shooting their own fireworks off.  After sparks went flying and hitting someone we decided to mind a new viewing area.  So we ended up with a worse view, but a much more peaceful surrounding.  Eli seemed to like the fireworks other then the loud noises, and the girls really liked the colors and sparkliness this year.  


Waiting for fireworks. I told her to smile, and I got a duck face instead.

Eli has no idea what he is waiting for, but he is patiently waiting.

Bria's fake camera smile.

     Another early morning for me Thursday (sleep has definitely not been a high point this week), but with the kids asleep I was able to get more party preparations finished.  After all Eli's second first birthday party is coming up!   Everyone was pretty tired from the two previous days, so it ended up being a bit of a slow day.  Bria spent most of the day building castles and trying to keep Eli from knocking them down.  Nadia didn't build much. She spent her time playing with ponies around the castles.

     Somehow Friday was even worse for me as far as getting things done. We made it to the grocery store in the morning. We got home right around lunch time, and Eli wouldn't even sit in his booster seat.  He just screamed and tried to climb out.  Even carrying him around he would just scream. Finally gave him some ibuprofen and teething tablets, and after an hour or so the screaming stopped.  He was able to eat some and then went to bed.  When he woke up I felt his gums and sure enough tooth number six was poking through.  That evening I got Nathan to he me get some pictures of Eli.  I wanted some with his balloons since they were still up.  We didn't get a whole lot with him looking and with the balloons though, and the balloons were popped in the process.


     Today (Saturday) was spent re-cooperating; my biggest achievement was actually taking a short nap.  I did find a better photo assistant (Thanks Mindy) this evening and tried a few more pictures of Eli.  Now on to preparations for the second first birthday party tomorrow afternoon!

     By the way, the cute diaper was custom made by Bunzuke Cloth if you were wondering.