Thursday, July 12, 2012

Baby Oil and Oil Pastels

     A while back I bought some oil pastels for the girls to play around with; their response to them was under whelming.  Somewhere online I saw the idea to add baby oil to the mix atArt with Mr. E.  So I brought out the oil pastels again this time with some baby oil and Q-tips.

     I had the girls draw with the pastels on some watercolor paper. I used watercolor paper because I thought the thickness would hold up well with the baby oil.

     Then I had them dip Q-tips in baby oil and go over their lines.

     The places they painted with baby oil looked smoother and the colors would blend together.  Obviously the girls just liked that they could change the way things looked and painting with Q-tips. They didn't care about blending, so I made a couple little samples where I used 2 primary colors and blended them with baby oil.  Give you an idea of the effect the baby oil produces.

     Well Nadia seems to have enjoyed it at least because she just asked to do more. Bria would rather cut out the ones I made to hang on her door.