Sunday, July 1, 2012

Another Week, Another Post

  Another week has come and gone; I just cannot believe how quickly they go!  Overall it was really a fairly productive week.  I think the impending birthday parties have motivated me a little. Of course there was time for fun too!

  Since our plans to head to the lake fell through and the girls were with their grandparents, I was able to convince Nathan that we needed to bunk the girls beds (much easier without little people trying to help). Of course Eli wanted to help, and as soon as the ladder was up, so was he! Now we really have to watch the little monkey in the girls room. The girls were really excited too.  I think they liked the bunk bed idea, but also the fact that it gave them more storage area for toys. It helped out the cluttered playroom too!

  Monday evening Nathan decided we should use the girls free personal pizzas from the summer reading program, so off to Pizza Hut we went.  Bria was amazed by the bubbles in my Pepsi, so I tried to explain to her that it is gas escaping the liquid.

    Tuesday, prompted by this discussion,  we experimented with Pop Rocks and Pepsi to see if we could catch the gas (Pop Rocks Science).  The girls enjoyed the balloons and eating the Pop Rocks. Tuesday also marked the 1 week countdown to Eli's first birthday! Here are a couple videos of him being his silly self  this week (sorry about the terrible light in the second one; it was pretty dark).

  Wednesday was storytime and errands, pretty unremarkable other then shopping for Grandma's birthday. The girls really thought she wanted a stick horse unicorn. I convinced them to choose something else, so we ended up with pinwheels for them to paint, a bracelet, and some chick stickers.  They certainly have interesting taste.

 Thursday morning while hanging diapers out to dry, I noticed it was already fairly warm.  As a result of the heat we have been going out in the morning after breakfast. By mid-morning it was already steamy out, so I had the girls make some ice cream. Not just any ice cream, ice cream in a bag (Ice Cream in a Bag). The girls weren't too good at the shaking part, but it still turned out pretty good.  We also found a praying mantis outside. The girls didn't remembering seeing them before (although I know they have), so they were pretty interested.  I was interested because he was brown instead of the usual bright green.  According to what I found they tend to be brown when it is hot and dry (like it is now) and green when it is warm and wet.

We had also been talking about being thankful this week. I had the girls list things they were thankful for while I wrote each one on a strip of paper. They drew pictures on a few (I wrote faster then they could draw); then we made them into a paper chain which the girls wanted to hang on their window. Hopefully it will be a reminder to them of all their blessings. 

After an uneventful Friday, we spent ended the week with family. Saturday afternoon with Nathan's, and Saturday evening with mine (as well as Sunday).  The girls always like to head to Mimi's house even though we don't get to do it too often.  Onto another week, this one full of birthday fun for Mr. Eli!