Friday, July 20, 2012

Newlands Girls School

We have spent two fantastic days working with Newlands Girls' School, Maidenhead.  Day one 19/07/12 45 girls joined us at Hall Place to have a go at some of our activities including Leap of Faith, Climbing and Archery.  Everyone was really up for the activities and enjoyed themselves, the weather (surprisingly) held off.  Even all the teachers joined in, especially popular was the David Tennant  look alike who achieved all the activities to musically accompaniment of the popular Dr Who theme, brought to us by the Year 10 Choral Singers.  The head of year 10 was particularly game when she tacked the Leap of Faith in front of everyone (no pressure), again accompanied by the Year 10 Choral Singers providing a montage of Kylie Minogues greatest hits and other popular music.
Is it really okay to shoot when Miss is down there?
Leap of Faith
It really is a long way down!
Day two 20/07/12 was a trip to the school to support the Olympic themed sports day, the girls achieved the equivalent distance of the journey from Beijing to London using pedal power and shanks pony, interesting fashion statements included a giant hot dog and a banana.  Newlands must be a musical school as today the teachers kept us entertained with vintage rock, up to the relay race and football match.  Our mobile climbing wall was popular, having a never ending queue of young and the not so young potential climbers, the three instructor had three of the climbs on the go all morning, we would like to thank all the school staff who helped us with the kids it made the whole morning run really well.
Mobile Climbing Wall

Hall Place would like to thank all the girls from Newlands who took part in the two events and all the school staff for making it happen.