Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Unique Texas Traditional Music

For those of you who thought Texan music was comprised only of country music, think again. In his new book Everyday Music, folklorist, photographer, and filmmaker Alan Govenar uncovers the musical talents and traditions found all over Texas. Between 1983 and 1988, Govenar traveled more than 35,000 miles around Texas, interviewing, recording, and photographing the many hidden musical talents of Texas. What Govenar found was an eclectic and diverse group of musicians, with traditions and music as unique as the culture itself.

Govenar documents the various musical experiences he encountered. From Native American drumming and chant to Cambodian music, Govenar has found it all. Everyday Music is filled with photographs, maps, and personal interviews with the talented musicians featured. Govenar also provides a companion website with video clips, recorded interviews, and performances.

Govenar is the president of Documentary Arts, Inc., a Dallas-based nonprofit organization he founded in 1985 to present new perspectives on historical issues and diverse cultures.

For a new perspective on Texas music and traditions, check out Govenar’s book and companion website, www.everydaymusiconline.org.


--Madeline Loving